Hidden Negs Universalis

Feb 13 2010

« I waited a few weeks before hiding my first negatives.
I sent roughly ten hours a day at university, six of them I spend in the library. I read approximately five books a day for my law studies. To me books are kind of sacred, they contain the wisdom of their creator.

The creativity of the Hidden Negs project, lie many things Christophe Does that are a reflection of his mind in constant artistic turmoil, really inspired me. He sent me two negatives to hide, plus a third one, which was one of the photos I took that he had passed through the Typewriter process.

That Saturday, the library was empty because of the holidays. I had the negs on me, so I thought “why not?”.  These shots are original and creative ideas that show a certain vision of the world.These negatives are unique and I have to and I want to share them, to place them in these books that are repositories of knowledge, so that they can be found and discovered.
the firsts negative is entitled “Another portrait”. It is completely blank except for the words “Another portrait” typed on it. I placed it between the pages of the Encyclopaedia Universalis, under “Portrait”.
So long negative, I hope you’ll be found one day.

The second one I chose to hide it in front of everyone, quickly, surreptitiously. It the neg entitled “Quand, Commen, Pourquoi” (When, How, Why?). I decided to place it in a dictionary, that is right in front of the students present. A few of them were looking at me taking pictures of myself hiding the negative and it was pretty exciting. When I heard the footsteps of the librarian, I took a last picture and put the dictionary back on the shelf and went back to work, proud of what I had done.
So long to you too. »

Basile Simon, FEB 2010

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