undata Nov 2011

Nov 15 2011

undata is a collection of web sites whose content has been modified, published for free electronically as a .pdf file. It is a reflection on the compiling, display and use of data in our times of information technology. Do we get what we need? Do we need what we get? How do we recognise censorship, witholding of information and misdirection from truth? Is it still possible? Does it matter? Do we care?
The sound files are the legally compulsary counterpoints to this visual data, as directed by anti discrimination laws. The usefulness of the information provided thus is on a par with whatever is contained in the written originals.
Of course, this is also poetry.
Issues will be launched at irregular intervals, depending on the amount of material I process. The Nov 2011 issue is available here

Issue 01 table of contents:

01—–Urdu porn (s)
03—– Steve Jobs obituary (s)
04—– List of Popes (s)
05—– FTSE (s)
06—– Lamb Biryani
07—– Weeks before death timeline
08—– British motorways jams (s)

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