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Valeveil publications

Feb 15 2012

The piece “Children should be supervised at all times” is now published electronically by a small Swedish publishing company called Valeveil. I must admit that the way the text and the voice are synchronised together is quite clever and is working well.

Wolverhampton University talk

Jan 24 2012

Here are a few pictures of myself in front of a full house room of first year BA photography students from the University of Wolverhampton. It ws a very good session, very relaxed and informative. Thanks for attending guys, and thanks to Su Fahy for inviting me.

East meets West

Jan 18 2012

Three images, bsaed on the theme of “Superhero” have been selected for the East Meets West exhibtion, organised by FORMAT International Photography Festival ‘off year’ in collaboration with Light House media centre in Wolverhampton. The show will take place between 3rd March to 6th May

Children should be supervised in Indianapolis

Oct 21 2011

My sound piece “Children should be supervised at all times” is going to be part of the group show Cerebral Departure, curated by Paul Miller, at the SpaceCamp MicroGallery in Indianapolis, USA.

The dates are 17th November to 2nd December. I doubt I’ll be able to make the PV, but you’re all welcome to go and have a look. And a listen of course.

SpaceCamp gallery,Murphy Arts Building in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

Children must be supervised at all times

Jul 08 2011

Children must be supervised at all times

This sound installation consists of two computer speakers hung on the wall and connected to a mp3 player. The content of the sound file that is played looped is optionally on display on the wall too.

This sound installation is a reflection on information and the way it is distributed and consumed. The 10 minute soundtrack is a constant flow of commands, warnings and statements that one is confronted to every day. These phrases are sclerosed: they were born complete one day and never evolved. They are set pieces of information that are now devoid of sense and meaning, because of their very ubiquity and because of them being ceaselessly repeated. They are like stamps on a passport: they don’t say anything about the country you’re going to, they simply state that all necessary administrative task needed to go there have been completed. They are not here to inform us, but to make sure that whoever uses them can’t be sued. They are failsafe, not to the users, but to the purveyors.

The soundtrack is accompanied by a printed sheet containing all the phrases and words used, printed as one big, continuous, punctuation free block of text (the spoken phrases do not contain punctuation either). I encourage visitors to grab a sheet and read it. Hopefully, they will try and find the place in the text that is matching the spoken words, and therefore pay proper attention to the information delivered to them. My aim is to create a kind of game in which

the visitor interacts passively with the artwork. The fact that the sheet can be folded and taken home, and that the sound files are available on line, is an incentive to carry on playing outside the

gallery environment.

You can download it for free in pdf or mp3 formats. You can also purchase a signed and numbered CD with the files on, plus extra material (3 extra voices, notebook and game sheet, plus handwritlen notes), for a total of £20, postage included worldwide.

New Contemporaries 2011

Apr 05 2011

I am proud to announce that my work, entitled “The Woman in red (three degrees)”, has been short-listed for round two of The New Contemporaries 2011. It is a prestigious platform for emerging artists currently studying at Undergraduate and Graduate level in the UK.

It is not a photographic piece, although it deals with issues of memory, indexing and reality.

An artist statement about this piece and a few more images can be found here (.pdf format).

Square Magazine #1.3 is out

Oct 15 2010

Issue #1.3 of Square Magazine, for which I am editor in chief, is now out.

It shows the works of Benjamin Rasmussen – Kimiko Yoshida – Cécile Sergent – Bernard Faucon – Michael Jackson – Jane Fulton Alt – Xavier Delory – Takala and France Dubois.